About ROL Alliance:

Who Are We?

The Rule of Law Alliance is a non- profit organization, with no political affiliations, created to promote a fuller understanding and adherence to the rule of law, for the purpose of improved social and economic development in Costa Rica, and the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean. Our purpose is to create opportunities through advancing, supporting and strengthening the rule of law.

The Rule of Law Alliance promotes access to justice, economic opportunities, human dignity, social advancement and equal rights through the rule of law.  We believe that the rule of law is a critical factor in creating an environment that supports equality, economic growth, and access to shared prosperity for every person. We will stand together to defend those harmed when rule of law violations impact our ability to do business fairly and competitively.

The Rule of Law Alliance is a resource and a support organization where public and private citizens can learn, discuss and educate others about practical and legal rule of law topics. We are passionate believers in creating a better world where all have equal access and protection under the law.

We Believe In:

Equality: We believe that all people are equal under the law, and that the law applies to every individual in equal manner.

Transparency: We believe that laws must be easy to understand, concise and accessible for all.

Independent Judiciary: We believe that an independent judiciary provides fair and just laws that reflect the will of the people.

Accessible Legal Recourse: We believe that all people should have equal access to efficient processes and reasonable resolutions in the court of law.

We Dedicate Ourselves To:

Partnership:  We seek to create and promote private – public partnerships to educate and positively influence public policy.

Investment:  We dedicate ourselves to creating opportunities to develop positive, sustainable investment in the region. We support projects that promote the rule of law, encourage human development, uphold democracy and defend human rights.

Inclusivity: We commit ourselves to ensuring that all people have access to justice and the freedom to participate in democracy and defend their rights. We will work to eliminate bias and prejudice to ensure equal protection and rights for all under the law.

Empowerment: We engage in valuable research; provide education and training; and organize, sponsor and participate in events and seminars focused on rule of law education.  We seek to be a reliable resource in order to help people defend their rights, procure justice and hold governing bodies accountable for transparency and fair and equal treatment for all under the law.

Transparency:  We believe that all people have a right to know how the law works and how they can participate in the legislative process. To that end, we will work to improve transparency in the process of creating regulations and legislation.

Improvement:  We will identify accepted standards and global best practices. We also seek to improve processes and laws, and improve access and participation for those we serve.

Sustainability: We pursue development with lasting positive impact, focused on promoting security and stability across the region.  We will expand citizen awareness through education and media partnerships to build lasting awareness and understanding of critical rule of law issues. We will invest in education that will inform and create understanding and a commitment to equality among our future civic, government and business leaders.

The Rule of Law Alliance:

Dedicated to creating opportunities by strengthening the rule of law in Latin America & the Caribbean.