Impact of Rule of Law


The rule of law creates and encourages a fair and just society, and also generates confidence that improves the quality of life for those at all levels of society.  How?

Nations with trustworthy, efficient legal systems, are more likely to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) than nations with troubled legal institutions. In general terms, rule of law improvements spur growth by attracting investors that value the safety, security and protection offered by transparent, just and ethical governments.  Few nations are able to attract long-term, stable global investment without improving rule of law policies. Furthermore, nations that have achieved growth without improving rule of law policies, have grown for a short period, only to fall backwards, causing long-term economic harm and restricted growth.

The Rule of Law Alliance believes that countries with strong rule of law compliance will attract more FDI, because they offer high levels of legal and political safeguards, which effectively ensure higher levels of financial security.  We encourage responsible and ethical investors to support rule of law governance by investing in nations that have shown a commitment to respecting all people through the consistent application of rule of law policies. We work with government agencies to educate and help inform rule of law policies for the benefit of all citizens and for the increased long-term economic viability of developing nations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rule of Law & Democracy

Building democracy and the rule of law may be mutually reinforcing processes. The rule of law is a critical factor for the advancement of democracy, rooted in equal rights and accountability.  By strengthening the rule of law, we protect the rights of all people, advance inclusiveness, and limit the arbitrary exercise of power, which are the cornerstones of modern democracy.


Rule of Law & the Environment

Environmental rule of law helps increase awareness of fundamental rights shared by all, and our obligations to protect those rights for everyone.  Sustainable management of natural resources through the rule of law will lead to increased environmentally balanced development and will enable equitable and peaceful access to our plant’s natural resources for generations to come.


Rule of Law & Social Development

The Rule of Law Alliance seeks to educate and promote a culture of respect for the rule of law to help lift struggling nations from the yolk of violence and poverty.  Through the advancement of rule of law initiatives, we will work to increase participation under the law, support measures that enhance equality, and help people living at the margins of society gain access to legal assistance and increased economic opportunities.